Secretariat’s Message:

 It is our privilege to invite you all to Kurukshetra Model United Nations 2014 dwitiya. The conference is scheduled for 6th-7th December 2014. Kurukshetra MUN has been one of most recognized conferences in the country. We feel proud in being host to some of the best quality debates that the Indian MUN circuit has seen in previous years.

MUN is a conference like none other. It provides its participants a great platform to expand their horizons and gives them a better understanding of the functioning of the United Nations. This conference will bring together the most experienced students from Indian Model United Nations circuit.

On an emotional level, Model UN is a motivational experience. Model UN activates students’ imagination and creativity, activities that students are naturally inclined to do.

As the secretariat’s members,We assure you a well experienced Executive Board and an organized conference so that you have a very constructive and progressive dialogue. As delegates engage in discussion and diplomacy on behalf of the countries they represent, your skills in researching, writing, negotiating, and public speaking will be put to test. We assure you the best hospitality and amenities  you might have ever experienced